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Lighted Portable Sign

Portable Outdoor Lighted Signs

PORTABLE OUTDOOR LIGHTED SIGNS     Portable outdoor lighted signs are the next generation of the portable roadside sign.  The traditional portable sign started over 30 years ago and was a track letter sign with interchangeable letters.  This sign remained unchanged for almost 20 years until people started adding cartoon characters and magnetic letters on […]

Mobile Road Sign

Mobile Road Sign

Mobile Road Sign A mobile road sign is a form of advertising used to advertise for businesses and charities.   Advertising is used to promote sales and events and is the back bone to free enterprise and capitalism.  There are a number of ways to advertise, from word-of-mouth all the way up to TV and the price […]

Roadside Signs

portable roadside signs

Portable Roadside Signs Portable roadside signs are signs that are found at the side of the road and are used to advertise an sale, special, event or even hiring new staff.   Need signage that can be used in a variety of advertising scenarios? Portable roadside signage is the perfect and affordable option for your business! If your […]

Portable Rental Signs Edmonton

Edmonton Portable Rental Signs

Edmonton Portable Rental Signs Better in Every Single Way In this fast-paced world where information needs to be delivered swiftly, Edmonton Portable Rental Signs is an essential tool even in the age of computers.  Why, you say? 1  Visible People will see it, day and night, as long as it stays. Unlike digital advertisements wherein […]

sign rental edmonton

Sign Rentals Edmonton

SIGN RENTALS EDMONTON Sign Rentals Edmonton are the most powerful means of advertising to help get your message to the general public. Sign Guru uses both non-lit and lighted portable and mobile message boards because of their reliability, superior visibility and wide range of functionality.  These portable message boards are used for advertising, promoting sales and events […]

Edmonton Changeable Letter Signs

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton rents a number of different sizes of letter board signs.  Letters signs have changed a lot over the last number of years.  These signs used to have letters screwed to a piece of painted plywood that used 1 font style, 1 font size and 3-4 colours of […]

Edmonton Magnetic Signs

Magnetsigns Edmonton

MAGNETSIGNS EDMONTON     When it comes to portable signs Magnetsigns Edmonton is a sign rental company that provides an array of sign rentals in the Edmonton area.  Magnetics signs are simply magnetic letters that us the primary colours to advertise in a limited way.   Neon letter signs like magnetsigns are fast becoming a […]

Edmonton Portable Sign Rentals

Edmonton Portable Sign Rentals

EDMONTON PORTABLE SIGN RENTALS Edmonton portable sign rentals provides a number of sign sizes for the Edmonton sign rental market.  Sign Guru produces the highest quality signage in town for the best possible rates.  Advertising is about attracting new customers to your business and there is not better nor more affordable way to do so […]

Outdoor Letter Board Signs

Outdoor Letter Board Signs

OUTDOOR LETTER BOARD SIGNS Outdoor letter board signs are simply signs that have removable and interchangeable letters used for road side advertising.  This type of sign has been in use for more than 40 years and were the staple of advertising for businesses curbside.  Letter board signs haven’t changed in all this time and are […]

Mini Billboards

Mini Billboard Signs

MINI BILLBOARD SIGNS Mini billboards are similar to both portable and mobile signs.  The main difference it that a portable and mobile sign may have changeable letters or printed graphics and a mini billboard only uses a printed graphics.  This type of signage is allows for the best of all worlds, it starts with design.  […]