Lighted Portable Signs

Portable Sign Rental Edmonton

Portable Sign Rental Edmonton

A portable sign is used to help advertise a special or promotion to inform drivers and pedestrians of their offers.

Renting a portable sign is more affordable than owning.  We include one free print every three months and our rental rate for three months is $537 plus city permits, if required.  Cowan graphics charges $7/sqft for printing which would cost $700 to print a sign our size if it us double sided.  Add in the fact that we include graphic design then for sure it is more cost effective to rent with graphic design rates in Edmonton at no less then $50/hr.

Sign Rental Edmonton

Southview Acura just started using a portable sign rental and wanted to be abke to follow their branding requirements and only an outdoor portable billboard can achieve that goal.

Check you their signage below and ask Dave about some new winter tires.

Portable Sign Rental Edmonton

Edmonton Portable Sign Rental