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Mobile Sign Rentals

Mobile signs are great way to advertise your business.  Sign Guru is proud to provide signs for Canada Day and the Premier’s breakfast at the Alberta Legislature.

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We have been providing mobile signs for almost 10 years and it is always a pleasure to work the staff at the Legislature and it is a seamless process from start to finish.  When it comes to quality there is no better signage than Sign Guru.  We print at the highest quality in the industry and use the best quality materials that produces a magazine quality image.

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The Alberta Legislature sits on 109 street and 97 avenue which are very busy roads in downtown Edmonton.  We place 2 signs for each event, with 1 on each of these 2 roads which are a great way to advertise the major events that occur at the parliament building throughout the year.

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Sign Guru provides sign rentals in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, St. John’s, Fort McMurray and Lethbridge.

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