Portable Signs


Portable signs are simply put signs that are portable.  Portable signs are used by businesses and other organizations to promote either their products and services or an up coming event.

These signs are generally found in front of the business that is using them and most jurisdictions have bylaws that restrict the use of this class of sign.  Often these signs require permits and therefore fees for the placement of these signs even though they are on private property.  This is discriminatory, as a for lease sign or for rent sign used at a commercial site does not require a permit yet the real estate sign and the portable sign are doing the exact same thing, they both are a form of advertising that is generally the same size and both are portable in nature.

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Portable Signs

Portable signs are sometimes referred to as mobile, road side and temporary signs and for the most part they all mean the same thing.  Except in Edmonton where the land use bylaw was changed in 2013 to state that any sign that is not permanent is a temporary sign and any temporary sign that is either 1 sqm or larger and/or taller than 1.5 meters requires a city permit and that sign must be placed on private property.  As of today this part of the bylaw in not enforced and they only target portable signs under enforcement which is clearly discriminatory.  In some municipalities these signs are out right banned and this is clearly a violation of the Canadian Corporate Charter and the right to free speech and these towns and cities are using their land use bylaw to circumvent the charter and this is simply put, WRONG.

Portable Sign

Sign Guru has be in the portable sign industry for over 8 years and we have worked hard to produce the best quality portable sign are the best possible rates.

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If you are looking to advertise your business or non-profit there is no better way to that than with a portable sign.