Sign Rental


Sign rental for a business or non-profit is the best way to promote your up coming sales or events.  Most rental signs are either portable or mobile road side signs that are placed at the side of the road to advertise on a short or long term basis.  The benefit of a sign rental is that you do not have to worry about the design, production and installation of the sign as we take all the frustration out of the process including permit applications.

Sign Rental    Rental Sign

A sign rental starts with picking the right sign company to produce and represent your business and products.  Sign Guru provides the highest quality signs in the industry and it starts with our in house design team that takes your wording and turns it into a work of art that is both attractive and highly effective roadside advertisement.

Rental Sign

A rental sign comes in a number of sizes starting at 2×3 foot and goes up to 5×10 foot.  Our newest sign is 5×10 foot and is internally illuminated and is the next generation of the portable sign.  The sign runs via a solar panel and battery system or can be plugged directly into a 110v circuit.

Rental Signs

The benefit of our temporary, portable road signs is that you can place them where your target audience is, right out side your front door.  Studies show that permanent signs blends and fade into the surroundings overtime for the regular passing audience. By using our printed signs, you can change the message when you need to with a simple e-mail to our staff and we can change the sign to a new image that changes the sign and makes it look different so it is sure to attract new customers.

Sign Rental

Our signs are available for rent in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, St. John’s, Fort McMurray, Regina, Saskatoon, Lloyminster and Lethbridge.

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