Lighted Portable Sign Fort McMurray


Lighted portable sign Fort McMurray is a lighted portable sign used for advertisement to be seen up to 24 hours a day and extend the hours of effectiveness.  Sign Guru Fort McMurray is the first mobile sign rental company to offer a road side sign that lights up at night to help advertise your business or special event for an extended period of time.  Our printed mini billboards looks amazing during the day and even better at night.

Lighted Mobile Sign Fort McMurrayLighted portable sign Fort McMurray 

A road sign is used to advertise a product or service and now you can do that well into the night using our light up sign.  The sign can be run on 110v power or solar if now power is close by.  Our solar system uses the latest technology to run for approximately 5 hours after sunset and 2 hours before sunrise.  This allows the sign to capture the road traffic at rush hour especially on the shortest days of the year.

Illuminated Portable Sign Fort McMurray

Illuminated Mobile Sign Fort McMurray

In Fort McMurray the sun sets at about 4:30 pm on December 22 and rises at about 8:00 am.  With our lighted sign using solar power the sign then turns on at 4:30 and runs to 9:30 and then shuts off and the turns on again at 6:00 am and runs to 8:00 am allowing the advertiser to have there message seen when the traffic is at its busiest.

Portable Signs Fort McMurray

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