Mini Billboard Signs


Mini billboard signs are similar to both portable and mobile signs.  The main difference it that a portable and mobile sign may have changeable letters or printed graphics and a mini billboard only uses a printed graphics.  This type of signage is allows for the best of all worlds, it starts with design.  A printed sign offers unlimited design possibilities with unlimited colours and fonts.  Add the use of your company logo and you have the ability to create truly eye catching designs that are also consistent across all your marketing materials.

Mini Billboard Sign Rental

Mini Billboard     Mini Billboard Sign Rental

The images above show the power of why a printed billboard shines.  There is no better way to sell a car than using a picture of that car.  Our signage is also printed at near photographic quality which adds to the overall impact of the sign.

Mini Billboards

Sign Guru is proud to take a mini billboard to the next evolution of this type of advertising medium.  We now offer a mini billboard that is illuminated.  The sign does not have lights that shine on to it but rather the lights are on the inside of the sign that glows.  This creates a very high end looking sign that is sure to draw they eye of the passerby and help make your message standout from the crowd.

Mini Billboard Signs

Mini Billboards    Mini Billboard Signs

For more information on our mini billboard signs please check out our contact page for a local representative.