Magnet Signs Edmonton


Magnet signs Edmonton are used to advertise businesses at the side of the road.

Magnet Signs Edmonton    Magnet Signs

When it comes to portable signs Magnet Signs Edmonton is a sign rental company that provides an array of sign rentals in the Edmonton area.  Magnetics signs are simply magnetic letters that us the primary colours to advertise in a limited way.

Magnet signs Edmonton

Magnet Signs Edmonton   Magent Signs Edmonton

Neon letter signs like magnet signs are fast becoming a thing of the past as they are limited to a small the number of colours, fonts and letter sizes.  Digital print has made this type of signage a thing of the past because print allows for unlimited possibilities when it comes to design.  Everyone we represent wants to create consistent, high quality and stunning advertisements.  Road side mobile and portable signs continue to face criticisms in many cities an towns and their argument against this type of signage is how the signs look.

Magnet signs

Edmonton Magnet Signs   Magnet Signs Sign Rental Edmonton

Printed signs help improve the look of a property and the area they are in.  One needs to remember that the Canadian Corporate Charter grants all businesses the right to free speech and I am consistently disappointed that we have to continue to fight for this right.  The people that work in administration inn most cities are uneducated when it comes to running a business yet it is these people that try to restrict and reduce signage.  How is it that we let these people take away our rights.

Edmonton Magnet signs

Edmonton Magnet Signs    Magnet Signs

Portable signs like magnet signs are used by businesses of all sizes but are missing out on the ability to truly brand themselves with a high quality printed mini billboard.

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