Portable Signs on Wheels

Portable Signs on Wheels

Portable signs on wheels is an old reference to what portable signs used to be.  Years ago this was how portable signs were rented with each sign on it own trailer.  This was done because many municipal governments have placed discriminatory restrictions on the use of mobile and portable signs.  In fact this persecution is still going on today in towns like Kelowna where they are looking to ban portable signs outright.  Visit for more information on this matter.  This is an absolute violation of the Canadian Corporate Charter and an infringement on the right to corporate free speech.

Portable Signs

How is it that we continue to loose control over what we can and can not do on our own private property.  It even gets worse in that most towns administrators are made up of incompetent people that have no understanding of what is like to run a business and the challenges businesses face every day.  These unqualified people then in turn have the ability to influence city councilors that make the rules that screw us out of our liberties.  Tell how it is fair that a city can place bus benches and shelters where every they want yet they are going to restrict the use of other types of signs on commercial private property, THIS IS WRONG!

portable signs on wheels    portable sign on wheels

Portable Sign on Wheels

Portable signs are used to advertise by businesses in a low cost and highly effective manor.  In most locations the wheels have been removed from the signs and they are now a free standing structure that is secured to the ground and is used to help a business promote sales and specials for under $10 per day, there is very little a business can do at this time for less than $10 a day, even a bus bench is $10 per day and is a fraction of the size of portable signs and is only single sided.

Portable Sign

For those portable sign companies still using block letters and with their signs on trailer I advise you to join Sign Guru as our state-of-the-art signs are changing the portable sign industry as many municipalities argue aesthetics  when it comes to signs are we simply have taken that argument away with a printed portable sign that is well made and professionally designed.  The industry needs to help itself by improving the overall look of our industry.  On the other hand beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who is it that gets to decide what is attractive? IS THAT A FAIR QUESTION IN ITSELF.

For more information on our portable signs contact one of our representatives.