Mini Billboard Advertising Signs

Mini Billboard Advertising Signs

Mini billboard advertising signs are a low cost and effective forms of advertising.  It all starts with an idea, special or sale item and then our in house graphics department where we take your ideas and turn them into high quality visually appealing ads that are unique, high impact and highly effective.

Mini Billboard Advertising Signs    Mini Billboard Advertising Sign

Mini billboards have been around for the last 10 years but with changes in the print world the cost to produce the graphics have decreased to the point of being highly competitive against the traditional, old style, letter board signs of the past.  A printed billboard allows for all the power of a regular billboard but at a fraction of the cost.  Mini billboard signs are being used by companies of all sizes to promote their sales and events.

Remax is one of our favourite clients and has been using our signs to help advertising vacancies in their rental properties in the Edmonton area over the last few years.  Our mini billboards have been used to advertise rental incentives for new tenants.  Check out the article on the CBC website showing the use of a mobile mini billboard for advertising.

Mini Billboard Sign    Mini Billboard Signs

Mini Billboard Signs

Sign Guru is a leader in the portable mini billboard rental industry that is the first and only company to provide an illuminated mini billboard that is back-lighted using a solar panel and LED lighting to allow our clients to advertise up to 24 hours a day. Mini billboards are affordable and highly effective form of advertising that reaches a targeted audience on your local market.

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Mini Billboard Rental Signs

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