Mobile Lawn Sign Rentals

Mobile Lawn Sign Rentals

Mobile lawn sign rentals are used across Canada to promote and advertise both businesses and non-profits as a low cost form of advertising that is highly effective.  As the term states, this type of sign is place on the lawn adjacent to the business and perpendicular tot he road so that both sides of the sign is visible to traffic traveling in both directions.

Mobile Lawn Sign Rentals    Mobile Lawn Sign Rental

Lawn Sign Rentals

Advertising is about getting out the word about the products and services your business offers.  We take your ideas and use our in house team of graphic artists to create stunning and visually appeal ads that are sure to help attract new clients.  We recommend no more than 7-10 words on the sign because this allows for the larges font size which intern makes the sign more readable from a greater distance.  The sign must employ a couple of other simple rules to make the ad successful.  The first is that the design must use a readable font.  We recommend fonts that have weight to them rather than a script font which is thinner and therefore less readable.  The second item is contrast and with that is that the design must have high contrast.  With that high contrast come higher readability and a more successful results.  Your ad design is our primary concern as we are only interested in getting you the results you are looking for.

Lawn Sign Rentals    Lawn Sign Rental

Sign Rentals

When you are looking to rent a mobile lawn sign we are the company of choice.  Sign Guru has been providing the best lawn signs since 2008 and we just launched our new illuminated lawn sign which is geared to help businesses advertise up to 24 hours a day with our 5×10 sign which is the largest illuminated sign in Canada at this time.

For more information contact one of our representatives to learn more about our advertising options.