Portable Advertising Signs

Portable Advertising Sign

Portable advertising signs are used by businesses that are big and small. It’s very important to have in mind the fact that advertising is a major aspect of your business activities. It’s at the backbone of all the activities that you carry-out, whenever your business gets adequate exposure your sales also increase.

This is why successful businesses are able to attract clients by reaching out to a wider range if the market share. In this world of advertising, portable advertising signs are a new trend that both significant and crucial.

Advertising Signs

The recent trend amongst businesses is their growing and rampant use of these signs due to their ease of use. They’re also able to attract lots of attention since they have different fonts and designs which can be easily adjusted to the business needs.

At Sign Guru we have both the lighted and non-lighted portable advertising signs others have arrows while others don’t. We also offer portable signs that are available on stands with a complete set of interchangeable letters and signs, making it flexible to display different messages.

Sign Guru portable advertising signs are very easy to assemble they also feature a rolling base that’s very sturdy thus ensuring that the sign can be easily moved. The other element is the material which these signs are made of, they constitute of durable plastic frames that are easily filled with water or sand to add the required weight for flexibility.

Advertising Sign Rental

Advertising Signs

For the purposes of easy graphics change, this portable advertising signs also come with the corrugated plastic panels that facilitate easy sliding from the top to the bottom snap when attached to the rails.

Whether you’re advertising your school, community events or sports activities this is the way to go. All you need is as little as $7 per day. The same applies to the production and graphic design cost, they’re both manageable.

Try out our portable signs and you’ll not regret the worthwhile investment that you’ll make for each dollar. We also make a sure that we include the graphic design in our pricing strategies so that we can add more value to every product we sell. Mind you, we have an in-house design team that will make sure that all the concepts and ideas are turned into reality.

Why Portable Advertising Signs?

The important factor to keep in mind is the fact that portable advertising signs integrate both design and content. By combining the power of graphics in delivering the desired message, you derive a lot of value from this medium of advertising.

Important Features About Sign Guru’s Portable Advertising Signs:

•    They’re integrated with top and bottom rails

•    Rust resistant

•    Long lasting and durable

•    Integrated with rigid panels

•    Integrated with rolling base for easy transportation

Advantages of Using Sign Guru Portable Advertising Signs

Ease of Maintenance and Use

These signs are relatively cheap if you compare them with other types of advertising mediums, the amount of rent that we charge is very reasonable. Maintenance is very easy since the material is built to last and withstand the tough elements.

Content Can Be Easily Re-used

This portable advertising signs can be easily re-used to advertise different messages depending on your needs. For instance, you often notice that restaurant menus often change almost every day, that’s what we’re talking about here.

Small Advertising Signs

Long lasting

These signs are made of high-quality material that’s bound to last for a long period of time. The material can withstand the harsh elements of the weather thus rendering useful service for a long time.

Low Cost and Effective display

At Sign Guru we offer you the opportunity to have a display that can be customized according to your needs and specifications al at a friendly price. Furthermore, the information can be placed in such a strategic way which will appeal to the customers. The rates are competitive yet they take care of the same amount of coverage that you need. You can thus see that engaging in business with Sign Guru is the right thing to do for your business. Give us a try by calling 780.340.7446