Edmonton Temporary Signs

Edmonton Temporary Signs

Sign Guru has got you covered for all your advertisement needs regardless of the complexity and sophistication of your business needs when it comes to Edmonton Temporary Signs.

.We specialize in portable sign rental and mobile market in the Edmonton, If your business needs temporary signs, look no further, Sign Guru has got you covered. We have a range of 4 different sizes that cater to every market. Recently we introduced an illuminated backlit mobile sign which is 5×10 foot in size.

Edmonton Temporary Signs

Temporary signs work best if you need a sign that will serve a particular purpose for a short duration of time. We make sure that you get a high-quality product that’s affordable.

Our designers employ a completely digital sign making process through which they’re able to print a sign from files that have been created using any of the graphic design programs that are commonly available. Alternatively, we can also design the sign from scratch. We also give you the option to include colors and logos in your temporary signs.

Our clients use temporary signs for various purposes which include:

•    Displaying an architect’s drawing of an upcoming building

•    Making major business announcements

•    Showing directions

•    Announcing events

The temporary signs can always be hemmed using a grommet, which works perfectly while attaching the signs on a fence. Alternatively, we can use H-stakes to hold the temporary signs on the ground so that they work as lawn signs.

Temporary Signs Edmonton

Compliance with Edmonton Discriminatory Bylaws

At Sign Guru, we always make sure that we comply with the Edmonton Zoning Bylaws which regulate the size, location, design, and the maximum number of temporary signs on private properties.

We understand the purpose of these regulations is to discourage the abuse of temporary signs as permanent advertising, and also limit proliferation.

This is why temporary off-premises and on-premises signs require a development permit; they also need to have an approval from the City before being erected in any private property.

Temporary On-premises Signs

This refers to signs that can be relocated or removed from one site to another and deployed for advertising for a limited period.

These signs are often used to advertise or identify an activity, service, product, or business that’s located on the premises where the sign is placed. The validity of such signs extends throughout 365 days.

Temporary Off-premises Signs

This sign can be relocated or removed from one location to another; they’re used for advertising over a limited period.

Such signs have a copy that’s used to direct attention to a product, business, service, entertainment, or activity. However, the premise on which these signs are placed is not the principal location for such a business.

Temporary Signs

Edmonton Zoning Bylaw Zones and Regulations for Temporary Signs

The Zoning regulations require that all the properties located within the City of Edmonton be zoned. Zoning determines the kind of signs will be allowed in that specific zone.

On this note, the Zoning Bylaw stipulates the regulations and uses of the specific zone.

1.    Determine the business zone

This can be done using this link just sign in and choose “view map” and enter the address of the proposed sign location. You’ll then be in a position to search the zoning and overlay information.

However, if your property is in a Direct Control zone, please email [email protected] to determine the stipulated regulations.

2.    Determine the Sign Schedule

After determining the zone, you can now check the specific zone regulations from the Zoning Bylaw to find the Sign Schedule which contains the sign regulations for the proposed sign on the determined property.

Requirements for submission

There are certain documents that you need to provide alongside your completed application form and fees:

1. Curb to Property Line Map with Aerial Imaging

Your application for a Temporary Sign permit must be accompanied by a scaled curb to the property line map. The map can be requested from [email protected] or call 780-496-6636.

Here’s some of the information that you need to include on a Curb to Property Line Map with Aerial Image:

•    Plot the location of the proposed sign on the site, dimensioned perpendicular from the curbs and the property lines to the nearest edge of the sign

•    Include all vehicle access location(s)

Edmonton Temporary Sign

2. Landowner/Agent Permission Letter

You also need a letter from the owner of the property on which the sign is to be erected. Alternatively, this can be obtained from their agent. The letter should authorize the sign development.

However, remember that condominium properties require a letter from the Condo Association Representative responsible for the common property.

3. Name of Business, Tenant or Group Advertising

Include the name and address of the tenants, business, or the advertising group. If multiple tenants are involved in the development, you need to list all the businesses that are advertising on the sign.

The Timelines

Temporary signs applications are accepted up to one month before the proposed start date of the Temporary sign permit.

For more information on renting a temporary sign in Edmonton and area call 780.340.7446