Advantages and Disadvantages of Street Billboards for Businesses

Street billboards are easy methods of increasing awareness regarding the product or service that your business has to offer. As with each kind of advertising, there are costs involved in employing street billboards. You can make a better decision regarding if your business wants to venture on these kinds of signs if you know the advantages and disadvantages.

Street Billboards


  1. These are located on strategic places where they can be seen.

People will pass by your sign every day. This offers you a target group of clienteles that might need your product. You can allow them to make contact if you provide a contact information that will make them reach out to you.

  • You reach a larger demographic.

You might be spending money for advertising to everyone. You do not really have the control as to who sees your ads but the greater number of people who will view your billboard will provide you a greater client base who will buy your product or service.

  • Prospects remember ads with visuals.

It is true that ads with visuals are easily remembered by people. This shows that you can use these signs to send a message to potential clients. People get attracted if your signs have attractive visuals.

  • They can create impulse buying.

You might experience a surge in sales as these signs create impulse buying. You might have a client that sees the message and think that he needs the product. You can get them to stop at your store and buy your product or service. Your new client will feel satisfied when they obtain instant gratification.

Street Billboard


  1. The broad scope makes targeting a specific demographic more challenging.

You might be able to display street billboards in your neighborhood. The concern here is that you cannot focus on a specific demographic. This means that people who have access to your billboards might not be interested in what you are offering them.

  • These signs are immobile.

It is true that your target clients might have different patterns of movement brought about by external factors. You might have a temporary closure of a highway where your sign has a contract with. You cannot move that billboard as you have a contract there.

  • Contact time with the sign is short.

Most street billboards are strategically located in highways. Drivers focus more on the road then on the ads along the road. Your billboard might only be glanced in a second or two. This implies a higher cost of advertising per exposure compared to other methods.

  • Billboards offer limited details about the business.

Billboards have an advantage for those who have established their brand. However, if you do not still have that situation, they you can provide your prospects with limited information in order for them to make a purchase.


The advantages and disadvantages of street billboards can offer you a fast increase in sales. There might also be instances where you cannot guarantee an absolute purchase with your ad. Thus, if you compare the advantages and disadvantages of having this sign, you can make the right decision for your business.

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