Mobile Signs for COVID-19

Mobile signs for COVID-19

Mobile signs for COVID-19 are the best form of public messaging there is. A mobile sign rental can be used for businesses for an array of different uses and due the COVID-19 outbreak mobile signs are being used to inform people of special notifications.

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Old folks homes and retirement homes have been placed on lock down to try to control the spread of the disease. A number of news agencies have picked up on a story taking about the lock down of these old folks homes.

Mobile Sign Rentals Edmonton

The city of Edmonton is also using mobile road signs to inform the public of changes to both separation distances and keep dogs on leashes to help minimize the contact of people and therefore the spread of COVID-19.

Mobile Signs Edmonton Alberta
Mobile Sign Rentals Edmonton Alberta

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted how we do our shopping. Walmart has had to employs large mobile road signs that have been placed at their entrances to inform clients of a change to their store policies. It was clear to me that something had to be done to reduce the number of people from 1 family coming to the store. People were bring their entire family to the store when there are supposed to be self isolating.

Mobile signs for COVID-19

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