Lawn Sign Rentals

Lawn Sign Rentals

Lawn sign rentals all start with an idea to attract more customers to your business.  I have been in the sign rental business in Edmonton since May or 2005 and one thing has always remained true over that period time… and that is to KISS.  A great lawn sign rental is simple and to the point with a great photo that ties the advert together.  Step one is to decide on a message or product you want to highlight to passersby and then keep your wording to 10 words or less so there is time to read the ad as they drive by.  You have to always remember that our signs are generally view at 60 km/hr at 60 ft away and therefore you need to get right to the point with a clean message.

Lawn Sign Edmonton

Lawn signs are there to help promote short-term promotional sales that are based on time of year to what you may need to sell more of due to inventory.  This type of sign is often used to inform people that you are here and open for business.  For 2020 this has never been more important as COVID-19 has created lots of confusion as to what you business is doing based on they type of business you run to what lockdown restrictions maybe force upon us by local governments.

Sign Rental Edmonton

Step two is in our hands and that is to take your wording and have our inhouse graphic design team make your idea come to life with an eye-catching image and copy that is easy to read with good contrast that meet our primary goal to be read at 60 km/hr at 60 feet.  We generally product 2-4 proofs for our clients to pick from and you can then have us make changes to one until the design meets your specifications.  You can also provide us your own print ready artwork based on our print specifications.

Lawn Sign Rentals

Our Edmonton lawn signs come in two different formats, regular and illuminated.  Our illuminated sign is one of a kind it both quality and performance.  As you can see from these images we produce stunning printed images that are lighted eternally and therefore create an exceptional advertisement.  We print at near photographic quality and our illuminated signs are the largest this type of sign can be under the land use bylaw.

If you want your messaging to stand out then our illuminated lawn signs are sure to catch your eye both day and night.

Lawn Sign Rental

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