Business Marquee Signs

Business Marquee Signs

Top Reasons Why Marquee Signs are the Best Choice

Signs are an important form of advertising. One’s objective might be to attract customers or improve the sales of one’s business. With these, a business might lack the presence of marquee signs.

Business Marquee Signs

Marquee signs are signs used in establishments such as fast-food restaurants and movie theaters that had letters that are interchangeable through manual changing. These days, marquee signs have an ED version that is more technologically upgraded. LED marquee signs, which are commonly referred as digital displays, electronic signs, or reader boards, are easily recognized among the kinds of signs.

Benefits of using an LED marquee sign

Change business message anytime the owner wants. Messages can be changed as frequently as possible. Compared with the conventional method of changing each letter of the sign manually, businesses an change the entire message in an instant. During past generations, movie theaters pay children to go up through ladders to change their marquee signs. Today, all of these can be done in a click from the office regardless of the weather condition.

Shine the brightest with LED marquee signs. These electronic signs shine brightest compared to other signs. These have more candlepower compared to traditional or even neon lights. Passersby will easily view them from a wide range of viewing angles and will have more visibility compared to non-LED signs.

Marquee Signs

Marquee Signs

There are more display choices. Businesses can stand out with video and animation. In addition to text, video and animation can be included to enhance the appearance of elements on the marquee sign. Business owners do not need to limit themselves with simple static ads or just flashing lights. Video conveys more message than text when businesses want to flaunt their unique business propositions.

Worry-free non-maintenance. LED signs offer less worries as they extend up to a decade for their longevity. LED displays use thousands of individual lights, thus, burned out LED lights will not be noticeable unless one gets closer.

These LED signs are energy efficient. Businesses can reduce their energy costs as LED signs are low-power signs but are brighter compared to filament bulbs and neon lights.

Marquee Business Signs

Business Marquee Signs

Who will benefit from marquee signs?


Businesses make an excellent choice if they opt for LED marquee signs. Compared to standard signs, these electronic displays can provide real-time messages such as awards that the business has received or for displaying appreciation to a model employee of the month.


LED marquee signs are perfect for promotion of school events such as theater plays, concerts, or school sports. These also provide a classy display of student achievements.

Places of worship

Churches are where people gather and worship. Thus, it is a great idea to have an LED marquee sign so that church members can be notified of upcoming events. The schedule for the time of worship can be displayed through LED marquee signs.

LED marquee signs can prove to be very beneficial to any institution in achieving its goal. May this be for monetary profits or for other purposes, purchasing these electronic boards prove to be a good choice.

Marquee Signs for Businesses

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