Portable Sign Rentals Edmonton

Portable sign rentals Edmonton in the Greater Capital Area, non-profit agencies, recreation groups and community members are allowed to promote their upcoming events by using no permanent roadside signs placed on public land.

portable sign rentals edmonton

Sign Guru Edmonton South was approached by J.P. Wagner High School in Edmonton to promote their upcoming Virtual Open House event. Because we have a special agreement with the City of Edmonton, Sign Guru Edmonton South was able to secure specific Right of Way

Portable Sign Rentals

Signage locations with valid permits to deliver a message to students and parents in the catchment districts for J.P. Wagner School. These mini billboards offer a cost effective message delivery to a targeted audience.

In Edmonton, Right of Way Signs are issued for up to 2 weeks to a valid non-profit group up to 8 times per year. Permits are issued on a first come first served basis depending on availability.

portable sign rental edmonton

Portable Sign Rentals Edmonton

The curbside mini billboards can only be placed at certain preapproved locations. Sign Guru Edmonton South will handle all the permitting requirements for you on portable signs.

Our graphic design team will also create, edit and print a custom unique image so that your special event will stand out to everyone driving and walking by when using a portable sign rentals Edmonton.