Backlit Mini Billboards

Backlit mini billboards are the topic of this article serves as guide to beginners on backlit sign and the advantages it can provide to businesses. Your business should create a brand awareness with clients, thus you need an eye-catching signage to convey your message to passersby. One of the best marketing strategies is to use a backlit mini billboard sign.

Backlit Mini Billboards

Top Things You Need to Know about a Backlit Sign.

If you are deciding on whether to level up your signs, a backlit sign would be great. This article will show you why this kind of sign is good for your business.


Another name for this kind of sign is backlit display graphics or backlit lighting displays. The name implies that a light source shines through it or behind it. There are many ways where this kind of sign can result to a brand standing out from the competition, improve visibility and brand recognition, and deliver the message to the target clientele. The lightbox and the printed graphic comprise this kind of sign.

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There are many ways that this type of sign can benefit businesses. Here is the list.

It improves branding. This sign helps businesses stand out. Brand recognition increases when specific brand elements, such as contact information, business name, and logo, are added as these generate more leads.

It attracts attention. This sign illuminates businesses, discounts, promotional events, and other customized messages. Its brightness, attractiveness, and capacity to personalize messages are perfect for connecting with people.

It adds intrigue. People get attracted to something when they get intrigued. Businesses can add dimension and depth through a backlit mini billboard sign. Clients can be engaged with a light that shines news and other pertinent information. This sign can also illuminate walls just by simple images and graphics.

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Backlit Mini Billboard Signs

It is versatile. This sign allows owners to be creative and create numerous choices of messages, graphics, and displays. With hundred of graphic templates available, owners can opt to display these on varied locations to mount the sign. This can also be used for directional signage, marketing campaigns, and announcement.

It is cost-effective. Graphics can be switched out whenever desired. These signs also use little electricity which reduces expenses. Moreover, there is no need to print out new signs, this allows owners to save money and time as well.

Backlit Sign

Maximizing a backlit sign

There are many ways on how this sign can be maximized for a better return on investment. Here are the following things that an owner has to keep in mind.

The sign should be placed properly as there are different kinds of lighting needed. A low light environment would have different needs from those in brighter places. The depth and spacing of the lights also influence how the graphic looks like. LEDs that are more distant from the graphic will produce a softer glow. The angles and distance where a sign can be viewed are also significant. A shallower box is needed when an image needs to be viewed at a wider angle.

Backlit Mini Billboard Sign Rental

Backlit Signs

Sign Guru is the first portable sign company to make a backlit mini billboards are signs that are 5×10 foot in size.  Our illuminated sign rental offers the flexibility of print and its endless possibilities of design combined the power of a roadside sign.  The location and height of the sign provides for the best viewing angles to traffic and people that pass by the sign.

With these information, one can decide about whether a backlit sign is suitable for the business. If you need help, you can contact Sign Guru for a better assessment of your business needs.