Top Advertisement Boards for Your Business

Marketing of a brand, products, or services can be done through outdoor advertising. An advertisement board or a billboard is one method to reach your target clients in specific locations. Whether you have a large or a small business, there are different varieties of billboards you can choose from. Here they are.

Advertising Boards
  1. Classic or Bulletin Billboards

One of the longest used advertisement boards is the classic billboards. These large-sized signs, also known as bulletin boards, are used on major thoroughfares where large volume of people can see. These signs are displayed on pedestrians as well as commuters in their vehicles. These billboards have increased their sizes in correlation to the increase in the speed of motorized vehicles. This strategy will allow people in moving vehicles to easily read the advertisements without slowing down their vehicles.

2. Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards uses polyvinyl chloride to lengthen its lifespan from three to five years. These brightly-colored boards use a UV-resistant paint. These vinyl banners use large inkjet printers to digitally paint the banners and usually are used for special events or company logos.

3. Painted Billboards

Graphically printed billboards have replaced painted billboards these days; thus, seeing this kind of board is rare. Messages and images are painted manually on the billboards.

Mobile Signs

4. Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are signs that move from one place to another and usually targeted to audience who are at a big event. The billboard can be seen wherever the vehicle goes as it is placed on top of it.

5. Three-dimensional Billboards

One of the most recent kind of an advertisement board is the three-dimensional billboard. These artistic signs catch the attention of bystanders as they are designed to emphasize a product by popping out an image. If you are advertising a product, that product pops out and the eye is more focused on the product compared to the rest of the billboard.

6. Scented Billboards

The name implies using the scent of a product to display an ad. If you are advertising a new perfume, you can use a scented billboard so passersby can smell the product and purchase one from your store.

7. Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are placed strategically at central business areas so the message of the ad can reach a large group of people. This allows maximum brand exposure. There are also instances when stock market prices and temperature are displayed. These are high-end kind of advertisement board that is every effective at catching the attention of people.

Advertising Board

There are many kinds of advertisement boards that you can use for your business. Your business might have different goals for your marketing strategy. You can choose among those mentioned above in order to promote your business in a creative way. If you want to get a billboard, you can contact Sign Guru in regards to the specifications and the cost.

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