Sign Rental Edmonton

Sign rental Edmonton is the best way to inform the public of your informational message. Renting a sign started with us helping you through every step of the process which generally includes permits, design and placement of the sign. Depending on the use of the sign and by whom its placement and permitting will vary.

The city of Edmonton is using our signs for community messaging to let people know that alcohol consumption is allowed in some public parks but not all.

We placed signs in a number of the public parks to let the public know if and when alcohol consumption is allowed at each specific part and if so where and for which hours it is allowed. Ours signs are high quality digitally printed signs that are 5×10 foot in size and therefore readable from large distances when using a portable sign.

Sign Guru is a vendor of choice as we provide the highest level of quality that is supported by the best customer service in the industry for mobile signs. If is great to see that the Edmonton Journal featured a picture of our sign in its publication to help tie the visuals of these changes to the signage we place which intern makes the campaign that much more successful.