The Beginners Guide to Advertising with Mobile Signs

Are you new to mobile sign advertising? Are you wondering about how much value a mobile roadside sign can provide your company?
This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about why mobile advertising signs are an incredibly effective advertising tool, and how you can begin to add mobile road sign rentals to your marketing plan.


Mobile Road Sign

No matter which Canadian city you live in – Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Winnipeg or St. Johns – it’s obvious that our country is growing more digital. But don’t let this fool you into thinking you need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to promoting your business.

At first glance, outdoor advertising like our mobile rental signs might seem too traditional. Sure, they’re an older way of advertising, but just because new tools have been invented doesn’t mean they’ve managed to beat out this reliable media. Mobile signs have managed to stick around a long time for good reason. Studies show that out-of-home advertising like our mobile roadside signs can reach audiences and turn them into paying customers for less than it costs other media to reach the same number of people – but we’ll talk more about that later.

Mobile Signs Advertising

The difference between mobile signs and other media

First, let’s start with the obvious difference between mobile signs and other forms of advertising: mobile roadside signs and mini-billboards connect with your customers when they’re out and on the go, whereas online ads, video and TV commercials reach people while they’re at home. But home base isn’t the advantage you might think it to be. Studies show people are much more likely to make purchasing decisions when they’re out shopping, commuting, or exploring their communities.

People consider out-of-home advertising like mobile sign rentals to be helpful resources, pointing them to the products and services they’re actively seeking or thinking about, whereas online ads and commercials tend to interrupt a pleasurable experience, forcing people to interact with the advertisement. When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, both have impact, but the former is viewed positively, while the latter most definitely isn’t.

Another important difference to point out is that mobile signs are one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums. If you really want to cover the most ground with your marketing plan, pair mobile sign advertising with another medium like radio or online ads to create a recipe for success.


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Saving money is key to making money, so no matter your goal – brand awareness, increasing sales, promoting new products or services – you’ll want to increase your return on investment without spending a large proportion of your budget on advertising.

Studies show that outdoor advertisements like our custom-printed advertising road signs offer an incredible return. You can expect to make $2.80 for every $1 spent. Advertising with a mobile sign rental will enable you to generate more revenue than any other advertising medium.

Reach more for less

Outdoor mobile advertising signs allow you to reach more people for less. Research shows that outdoor advertising like mobile signage and advertising sign rentals are much more affordable than social media advertising. According to the study, online ads can cost up to $17.50 per thousand impressions. In comparison, outdoor ads like mobile signs can connect your business with a thousand people for a fraction of the cost. 

Mobile Sign Rental

What are Mobile SIGNS?

Mobile signs are temporary signs used to advertise along streets and roadways. To classify as a temporary sign, the advertisement must be not be permanently attached to a structure or the ground. Businesses and organizations rely on these temporary roadside signs to promote community events, sales, and promotions, as well as communicate key information like service updates, operation changes, and public safety advisories.


Outdoor advertising signs are so effective they’ve become a popular choice for businesses and organizations seeking to advertise a product, service or event. No matter which Canadian city you visit, you’re guaranteed to see them as you drive around. For this reason, municipalities have regulations in place to limit the number of advertisements in any given area, control who is permitted to use them, and enforce various rules associated with their use.

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While temporary sign bylaws differ from place to place, most city bylaws state that roadside advertisements must be temporary. Therefore, ensuring your next advertising sign is mobile is crucial to your success.


Anyone can rent a mobile sign, however, most city bylaws state that only licensed companies can distribute mobile signs. Therefore, it’s important to partner with a reliable sign rental company like Sign Guru when planning your next advertising campaign.

Sign Guru is a leading sign rental company capable of suppling signage that is fully compliant with all rules and regulations in each of the regions we service. Our experienced and knowledgeable team thoroughly understands the nuances of each region’s bylaw and we aim to make life easier for you by managing all aspects of the sign administration process on your behalf, if required for your area.

Mobile Sign Rentals


They say you can measure a company’s commitment to quality products and customer service by how much the company has grown. Throughout the years we have expanded our operations and we now proudly serve loyal customers in 16 cities across four provinces.

We have years of experience working with various municipal governments and their unique bylaws, and we currently distribute signs in the following locations:



Newfoundland and Labrador


How to order a Mobile Rental Sign

The first step is deciding what you want to say. Once you have identified the sales message or promotion you want to put out there, the next step is to give us a call. Then we’ll handle all the rest.
Each of our custom-printed, temporary mobile sign rentals are lightweight, durable and affordable. We pride ourselves on providing quick, easy and reliable service. If you want to see what this cost-effective and impactful form of advertising can do for your business, contact a Sign Guru location near you.