When you invest in advertising, regardless of which medium you choose, the most important thing to remember is your ad must capture people’s attention. If it fails to do that, it fails completely. Here are a handful of signage planning and design tips that will ensure your mini billboard is effective and attention-grabbing.


The best advertisements take people on a journey. They transport you from the here and now to someplace else, someplace ideal. You may only have a few seconds of someone’s attention as they glimpse over the steering wheel, but if you plan your sign content right, that’s more than enough.

Mini Billboard Signs

The best way to tell a story with a mini billboard is to use strong imagery and only a little text. While driving, most people can only read and retain a few words. Lengthy descriptions with phone numbers, website addresses or office hours are too detailed to remember. Use your mini billboard to communicate the essence of your promotion or campaign rather than dolling out details with excessive lines of text.

Whenever possible – show, don’t tell. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we are very visual creatures. Use photos to help viewers imagine themselves enjoying your product or service.

Mini Billboard Signs

Take a look at this mini billboard by the YMCA. They could have written a line that said “The YMCA is a fun place to get active and socialize.” But instead, they chose to show the value of their service using an image of two women laughing and swimming in the pool. This mini billboard tells the story that the YMCA is a place to have fun with friends and family, without ever saying those words. The text is then able to do the heavy lifting of serving up a call-to-action, inviting you to join in the fun.


Often times, the best place to set up a mini billboard is beside a busy road or throughfare. These high traffic areas enable your sign rental to get more impressions than is possible in less busy areas. But the downside is busy streets also mean drivers have to keep one eye on the road at all times. With attention spans split between traffic and your mini billboard it’s important to ensure your rental sign content is both bold and simple to understand.

Mini Billboard

Drivers only have a few seconds to get a glimpse of your mini billboard. To get the highest number of views (and potential new customers), keep your sign design simple. Aim for big, bold fonts, contrasting colors and images without fine details.

When in doubt, choose colors that stand out in the environment your rental sign is situated in. If your mini billboard is in an industrial area, avoid too much black, grey or beige. If it’s in a rural area, avoid overusing browns, blues and greens. While there are always extenuating circumstances, you usually can’t go wrong with bright, bold, vibrant colours – just be sure your signage provider is capable of custom-printing signs with pigment-rich inks. Quality printing is crucial when producing colourful signage.

Check out the attention-grabbing effect of this bright, bold and simple mini billbaard from Shoppers Drug Mart. They carefully chose the essence of what they wanted viewers to know about their promotion, wrote it out in a big, bold font, and used two primary contrasting colours to make a mobile sign that is eye-catching and easy to understand.


It’s a given that a mini billboard will draw the most views if placed in a busy area. And while the location of your sign is very important, that’s not what we’re referring to when we say you should consider the location.

We’re talking about the environment your mini billboard sits in, and the local audience you want to connect with. When crafting the message for your next sales promotion, pay attention to the lifestyles of people living in the area of your sign.

Are there cultural elements you can weave into your marketing? Are there sports teams, community insights, or uniquely observed holidays you can draw inspiration from? When mini billboards are crafted to include a local cultural inside joke or another element that fosters a sense of pride, people are more likely to relate to your message than if it was generic.

But that approach can backfire if you’re trying to appeal to tourists as well as locals. Are there phrases or expressions that people from outside this market wouldn’t understand? Depending on your product or service, and your target audience, it’s important to carefully consider these nuances when planning the content of your next mini billboard.

Consider this portable sign from Giant Tiger in Alberta. Home to mountains, prairies, badlands, foothills, and boreal forests, it’s no wonder camping is a big deal to people living in this part of the country. Giant Tiger is a department store that sells a wide variety of things, but they’re taking advantage of the change in season and people’s shifting desire to flee cities in search of nature to position their products as solutions for planning a camping trip.

Mini Billboards


All advertising has to be creative in order to stand out. Mini billboards are no different. When you consider the hustle and bustle of busy roads and all the environmental distractions that occur along a person’s commute, your sign needs to stand out above all of that. Make an impact so the message stays with people long after they’ve seen your mini billboard.

Aim to make your roadside sign tell a story, or share a message in a way that’s interesting and unforgettable. Make an emotional appeal. Call on humor, anger, cleverness or desire to help make your mini billboard design more memorable.

Illuminated Mini Billboard

Take a look at this mobile sign for Sung Lee Taekwondo. The graphic shows a determined looking child practising taekwondo. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching. The message is stirring. It calls upon our deepest desires to feel more confident in ourselves, and then subtly promises to empower us.


There’s much to consider when creating a marketing plan and media buy. However, one thing you can count on is the effectiveness of a mini billboard for its capacity to catch attention and appeal to drivers, passengers and pedestrians in a given geographic area. Seize this opportunity to target people by location, and focus your efforts instead on what you’ll say to your large captive audience.

Do you know what you want to say, but not sure how to make it visually interesting? Our team of talented graphic designers will work with you to create a visually stunning design that’s interesting, impactful and on-brand.

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