Mobile sign advertising has proven to be effective at attracting the attention of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Mobile sign marketing also offers an incredible return on investment. When you factor in affordability and flexibility, the perks of renting a custom-printed mobile sign are hard to beat.

However, even with all those perks, a sign can only do so much. It’s a powerful marketing tool, but without a proper strategy backing your efforts, even the best advertising methods can fall flat. Before you order a custom-printed rental sign, take some time to strategize your marketing efforts. This crucial first step will set you on the right path.

To create a proper mobile sign marketing strategy, you must determine several simple, but extremely useful, key pieces of information. With these details in hand, your mobile sign rental campaign will be set up for success.


The first thing to do when you start planning your mobile sign marketing campaign is to consider what outcomes you would like the campaign to achieve. Do you want more sales? More leads? Are you just trying to get more website visits? Whatever you choose, it should be something that is easily measurable.

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Not sure where to begin? Start by nailing down what you want to achieve, and how that relates to your customers.

For example:

Let’s say you’re launching a start-up or opening a new store location. You’ll want to think about how your new venture responds to your potential customers’ needs, as well as what separates you from the rest of the competitors in the marketplace.

Are you trying to gain more brand awareness? You’ll find driving traffic to your storefront or website is much easier when your community knows who you are. Carefully consider what your brand values and represents, and what you want it to mean to your customers.

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Do you have an upcoming sale or promotion? Identify strong but simple ad messages that can reach many people as quickly as possible. To do so, think about what makes your sale or promotion most attractive to your target audience.

No matter what, make sure you know the exact purpose of your marketing campaign and the results you want. When you are certain of that specific purpose, you can then frame you’re entire marketing strategy around that goal and your desired results.

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Advertising is the best way to inform the public know about an event, sale or promotion. Are you having a big sale? Hosting a grand opening? Launching a new product? Let everyone know what’s happening with your business by advertising with a mobile rental sign.

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When you’ve identified your goals, take some time to think about other factors that will affect your campaign’s success. Key things to consider are:

It’s all about timing.

When choosing a date for your sale or promotion, and think about what else is happening during that time. For instance, if you’re launching a product or service in late fall, you’ll be promoting at the same time as holiday sales. Hosting a sales event in September? Be aware that many of your potential customers will be focused on back-to-school shopping. It’s important to identify these seasonal sales windows to know whether or not your mobile sign will be competing for attention during this season, or if there’s a way to make your promotion complement what’s happening at that time.

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What will you say?

You’re about to spread the word around town about your promotion, what’s the most compelling thing you can tell people about your sale or promotion? Keep in mind people’s attention spans are much shorter these days, and when you factor in traffic and other distractions, its crucial that the message on your mobile sign be short and simple. Be strategic about selecting this sales message, and be sure it conveys why your customers wouldn’t want to miss it.

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Spread the word.

Your mobile sign will definitely get noticed. And with the right message, potential customers will remember your sign long after they’ve seen it. The key to really maximizing your marketing efforts is to ensure these people also have a way to spread the word for you. Strengthen your campaign by including your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let your customers know how to get in touch and contact you later.

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You’ve got a strong design, a quality mobile sign, a killer rental sign location, and an unbeatable sales offering. The only thing left to do is to tell your next potential customer what you want them to do immediately after they’ve seen your sign. Want more foot traffic? Tell them to visit your storefront (be sure to provide directions!) Want more website visits? List your URL and encourage them to find out more there. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, make it happen by providing a directive that your customers can follow to meet your goal. People are generally receptive to the power of suggestion, so finishing with a strong call to action provides the viewer with needed direction about what they should do next.

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Armed with a proper marketing strategy, you’ll be ready to tackle any campaign – big or small. The most hardworking of all the advertising mediums, mobile sign rentals display your message to drivers, passengers and pedestrians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the incredible return on investment mobile signs provide, you’ll find you have more wiggle room in your budget to allocate to other business costs. Take advantage of one of the most effective, cost-efficient and reliable advertising tools available and build your marketing strategy around mobile rental signs.

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