Today there are many ways to promote your business but a mobile sign is your most effective and least expensive option. Compared to other promotional tools, a mobile sign at the curb is the best way to invest your valuable advertising dollars. On average, every dollar spent on outdoor advertising like mobile signs sees nearly triple its return on investment. Does your current marketing strategy provide that kind of return?

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We live in a digital age and many people have turned to digital advertising tools to promote their business. However, these tools can’t compete with a well-designed roadside mobile sign when it comes to advertising in your local market. From boosting your brand identity to directing your next potential customer to your doorstep or promoting your latest offering, a custom-printed mobile sign can promote your business in many ways.

The Power of Suggestion

Mobile signage is effective because it enables you to attract attention, establish your brand and grow your business in the local market. Mobile signs stand out, but their effect can be subtle. Chances are you’ve seen mobile signs all around your community but you probably don’t realize the effect they’re having on you as you pass them.

Mobile signs rely on the power of suggestion. They supply a striking message and leave you with an impression. They also serve as a welcomed distraction during an otherwise boring and often repetitive commute. One study by FedEx found 76 percent of consumers have visited a store for the first time because of the sign posted out front. Another 68 percent report having purchased a product or service because the business’s sign caught their eye.

A mobile roadside sign placed at the curb can also be an influential word-of-mouth marketing tool. The same FedEx study found 75 percent of consumers admit recommending a business based on signage alone. The numbers don’t lie. The power of suggestion that mobile signs carry in your local market is immense. Placing a custom-printed mobile street sign in front of your shop or service can significantly increase sales or bookings.

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Connect with the Commuters

Canadians spend nearly an hour commuting for work or school each day. That’s almost 300 hours a year. This commute is a prime opportunity to connect with consumers using mobile signs to promote your business and grow brand awareness in your local market.

With that many people constantly on the move, it’s understandable that consumers are interacting with out-of-home signage like mobile signs at record levels. A Nielsen study out of the United States took a detailed look at individuals’ travel habits and their exposure to out-of-home advertising like mobile signs. The study found roadside signs are the most noticed format.

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The report outlined many astounding facts, including 85 percent of people who saw a roadside sign read the ad message. When you consider another national advertising study found 75 percent of people admit to tuning out digital device ads, the comparison is striking.

For this reason, mobile lawn sign advertising is a must for any enterprise. A roadside sign can expand brand awareness and increase impulse buys among commuters.

Provide Direction

Once you catch the attention of local consumers, you need to drive them to your location. Rely on a mobile roadside sign to direct people to your storefront.

A mobile sign can drive traffic, but can it drive sales? The Nielsen study found 20 percent of people who saw a directional OOH ad immediately visited the advertised business. Furthermore, 74 percent of people who visited a business after seeing a directional sign made a purchase. And it’s not just in-store sales that can benefit. The same Nielsen study found 66 percent of travelers report taking an action on their mobile phone after seeing an out-of-home ad like roadside mobile street signs.

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A roadside mobile sign is also useful for establishing your business’s location. There will be prospective customers who may be aware of your business but may not know where to find you. A roadside mobile sign can help those people locate your business with ease.

In busy areas it’s very easy to get overwhelmed when searching for a storefront location. There are the rules of the road to follow, traffic conditions to contend with and pedestrians to watch out for. Customers get frustrated when they have to strain to find a business’s location. If you don’t make your business easy to find, you run the risk of customers giving up their search and turning to your competitors instead.

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On-going Advertising

A mobile road sign is among the only pieces of marketing that continues to work for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A marketing campaign you run online or air on the radio or television will only appear for brief periods. They’re temporary and expensive. For the high cost of those mediums, the limited exposure your brand gets isn’t cost-effective. A roadside mobile sign on the other hand is affordable and remains out front for as long as you wish.

Mobile signage is a consistent medium of marketing. If you install a mobile sign with LED lights to illuminate the message, the roadside sign will stand out even more than your competitors’ signs at night. Long after your business has closed its doors for the day, your illuminated mobile sign will still be working, cutting through the darkness and catching the attention of the early birds and night owls during their off-hour commutes.

Give your business a boost

There are many advantages to advertising with a custom-printed mobile curb sign. Placing one at the curb allows people in your community to know where your business is and what you offer. It grows your brand awareness, promotes your ad campaigns and serves as your best salesperson, long after the rest of the team has gone home for the day.

Compared to other forms of marketing, a roadside mobile sign provides higher-quality results at a lower cost. Compact, quick to install and easy to update, a mobile sign at the curb should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

Mobile Sign Rental

Mobile Sign Rental

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