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portable signs on wheels

Portable Signs on Wheels

Portable Signs on Wheels Portable signs on wheels is an old reference to what portable signs used to be.  Years ago this was how portable signs were rented with each sign on it own trailer.  This was done because many municipal governments have placed discriminatory restrictions on the use of mobile and portable signs.  In […]

Tempoaray Signs Calgary

Temporary Signs Calgary

Temporary Signs Calgary Temporary signs Calgary are signs that are used to advertise on both private and public lands in the city of Calgary.  Calgary’s land us bylaw currently allows for a number of different signs that are not permanent structures to be used for advertising purposes.  Some of these signs require permits and others […]

Mobile Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Mobile Signs

Illuminated Mobile Signs Illuminated mobile signs are future of the mobile sign rental industry.  The mobile industry has not seen any significant changes since the industry moved to print 10 years ago, which moved this type of signage into the 21st century.  Prior to digital print mobile signs used interchangeable letters that limited the design […]

Edmonton Mobile Signs

Edmonton Mobile Signs

Edmonton Mobile Signs Edmonton mobile signs are an affordable and effective form of advertising used by thousands of businesses and not-for-profit groups in and around Edmonton, Alberta .  Sign Guru is the first sign rental company to product a mobile sign that is internally illuminated using the latest in technology including LEDs and solar panels.  […]

Road Side Sign Rentals

Road Side Sign Rental

Road Side Sign Rental A road side sign rental is one of the most inexpensive but successful ways of promoting your business to expand your market reach. One particular advantage of road side sign rentals is capturing the attention of those who are regularly untapped by traditional advertising campaigns. These signs target the large number […]

Edmonton Letter Board Signs

Edmonton Letter Board Signs

Edmonton Letter Board Signs Edmonton letter board signs are double-sided display outdoor signage that features a changeable letter board for customizing a company or an organization’s message. These are portable and can be positioned in front of a shop, on a sidewalk, or on roadsides. One specific advantage of this type of signage is you […]

Road Signs Toronto

Road Signs Toronto

Road Signs Toronto 3 Ways in which Road Signs Toronto Help to Increase Your Business Are you trying to increase your customer base but are a bit tight on budget? Well, even if you are not too tight on budget, you should save some bucks when you get a chance to do so. A great […]

Edmonton Advertising Signs

Edmonton Advertising Sign

Edmonton Advertising Sign An Edmonton advertising sign is an apparatus placed on the premises to determine or establish the tenant and the nature of business done by that tenant. It could also be placed at a distance to promote the business and its products and services. Advertising signs were also used by ancient Egyptians and […]

Portable Rental Sign Edmonton

Portable Rental Sign

Portable Rental Sign Portable rental signs have become very popular over the years simply because they yield good results. Business owners from practically everywhere have recognized this type of advertising as not only being affordable but also successful. Apart from other types of promotional or marketing media, portable rental signs have never lost their magnetism […]

Community Events Temporary Signs

Community Events Temporary Signs Do you have an upcoming community event and you need to spread the word? Sign Guru Edmonton South offers unique, cost effective advertising for communities and nonprofit organizations. Organizations and registered charities are allowed under City of Edmonton bylaws to place a temporary portable sign on City right of way roads […]