Sign Bylaws


Portable sign bylaws are used to restrict the use of signage in almost every municipality in Canada.  Often these bylaws violate the Canadian Corporate Charter and the right to free speech.  At a minimum these rules are unfair but for the most part are out right discriminatory.  For example, in almost every jurisdiction a real estate sign on commercial private property is exempt from requiring permits and a mobile, portable or temporary sign requires a permit and/or limits their use and number of signs on a property along with separation distances.

Mobile Sign Bylaws

Edmonton Sign Bylaws    Sign Bylaws Edmonton

Edmonton Mobile Sign Bylaws – Edmonton’s sign bylaws are some of the friendliest in Alberta.  Placing a portable/mobile sign is relativity easy do on most properties but there are some restrictions of properties that are zoned DC1, DC2 and AG.  City permits are valid for either 90 days or 1 year and permit fees are currently $92 or $272 respectfully and each property can have up to 5 signs per property subject to 100 feet of separation.  Edmonton has an excellent not-for-profit road side sign program that consists of approximately 200 sites that can be book for use by schools, charities, sports team, parent groups and clubs to help advertise their events and programs.

Portable Sign Bylaws

Fort McMuray Mobile Sign Bylaws – Fort McMurray is a part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Northern Alberta with very business friendly bylaws in place combined with lower than average permits fees.  Fort McMurray also allows for non-profits to advertise on city land to promote events and the community.

Leduc Mobile Sign Bylaws – Leduc is a small city close to Edmonton that allows portable and mobiles signs and other than the very large (60m) separation distances between signs the city is sign friendly.  Permits fees are $100 for the entire year which is one of lowest in the capital region.

St. Albert Portable Sign Bylaws – St. Albert’s bylaws are far less friendlier than Edmonton’s with only allowing 2 sign per property maximum regardless of size of lot and with permit fees at $153 for 90 days making permits almost twice as expensive as Edmonton.