Mobile Signs


Mobile signs are a very common sign in Canada and are used for advertising.  They come in array of sizes and used to have changeable letters that slide in on a track system.  The old style mobile sign is a thing of the past with printers and printing supplies coming down in price.  Allowing this type of sign to enter into a new era of design and quality.  Mobile signs are now billboards that are smaller and closer to the ground.  This provides a great advantage in both price and effectiveness.  As good as a billboard is they are often 50 feet in the air and setback 100 feet from the road and therefore not right where they should be.  A mobile sign in about 8 – 10 feet high and often less than 20 feet from the road allow for the message to be front and centre for the passerby.

Mobile Signs

Mobile sign businesses of the past have been run by small business owners that ran it as a sideline and ofter never gave it the attention it deserves.  Leading to signs that were poorly maintained and often had missing letters or someone rewrote the message to try and be funny by rearranging the wording.  Printed mobile signs can not have the letters moved around and the image is a high quality graphic that really showcases the product and service the business is offering.

mobile signs    mobile sign

Mobile signs are being used by the biggest companies in Canada in all locations like Toronto, St. John’s, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray, Regina, Saskatoon and Lethbridge.

Mobile sign

The main issue facing the mobile sign industry is the discriminatory land use bylaws that exist in many locations.  Some cities band them outright and some place heavy restrictions on their use.  In all the markets we operate in a real estate sign can be as large as a mobile sign but they do not require permits and can be placed all year round.  Selling and/or leasing real estate is the same as selling and/or leasing cars yet the car dealership has to have a permit to advertise their product and yet a real estate sign does not.  If this is not discrimination I do not know what is.

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