City of Brooks
Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Brooks Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Brooks Road Sign Bylaws

Portable Sign” means any sign which is mounted on a stand or other support structure which is designed in such a manner that the sign can be readily relocated but does not include A-frame signs;

  • Bylaws are subject to the opinion of the Approving Authority.
  • Third Party Advertising allowed
  • 1 sign per property/business

permits for brooks portable signs

  • A valid permit is required, must have landlord approval and may be subject to conditions. If a sign is placed before an annual permit is obtained double the permit fee shall be charged.
  • Permits are issued annually at the start of the calendar year. If issued after June 30 the fee will be half of the annual fee
  • Set back
    • Must be placed .5m from the curb line.
    • No portion of the sign may project beyond the property line without written permission
    • Can not be located with the Corner Visibility Triangle

Community Event Advertising – use of portable sign in Brooks

  • Limited to one sign per commercial or industrial parcel
  • Special event permit may be required if being held on city owned property.

The above regulations are summarized for the reader’s convenience. The Bylaws are always subject to their interpretation of the regulations in favor of the City of Brooks. The City may change the signage bylaws at any time. Detailed information may be found on their website.

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