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Portable signs North Battleford is a full service portable and mobile sign rental company.  Sign Guru offers both illuminated and non-illuminated road side signs for advertising of businesses, charities, schools, sports groups and municipalities.

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The benefits of a portable sign starts with the fact that they are very low cost when compared to all other forms of advertising.  With less and less readership of newspapers and commercials on TV being removed with DVRs it is getting harder and harder to acquire the attention of the consumer.  The great thing about a mobile sign is that it is located front and centre to a business and with its placement close to the road where it is in direct view of passersby has a much better return on invest over traditional forms of advertising.

Mobile Signs North Battleford

Portable Sign Rental North Battleford    Mobile Sign Rentals North Battleford

Road side advertising signs have come a long way over the last number of years.  The industry has moved from the old style letter board signs of the past to mini billboards using full colour digitally printed images.  The advantages of print over a traditional letterboard sign is that we can offer clients the versatility of infinite colours and fonts and when combined with a great photograph we can create great adverts that are also visually appealing.  One of the biggest arguments against portable signs has been how they look and print has changed they way the industry is being perceived.  This change in overall appearance of the portable roadside sign has allowed for a change in use by clients.  In the past only small businesses used a mobile sign and that is no longer the case as our clients range from small to large businesses as our new mini billboards allow for clients to follow there branding standards and use their logo to help reinforce all the advertising that they do.

Mobile Signs North Battleford Before placing a sign in North Battleford Saskatchewan check out all the rules  and regulations on the land use bylaw page.Sign Rentals North Battleford Saskatchewan

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Sign Guru offers full colour printed road signs in 3 sizes ranging from 4×4 to 5×10 and our new lighted portable sign comes in 5×10.  Our illuminated sign helps our clients advertise even after the sun has set.  Just because the sign is gone does not mean your sign has to fall the same fate.  We are proud to say that we were the first portable sign company to make a solar powered 5×10 foot rental sign in Canada.

Portable Signs North Battleford    North Battleford Sign Rental

Illuminated Portable Signs

For more information of our mobile and portable sign rentals call 306.380.4878 (GURU).