Mobile signs Winnipeg come in 3 sizes, 5’x9.5′, 4’x8′ and 4’x4′ sizes.  Digitally printed signage is changing the look of the portable sign industry.  Changeable copy/letters signs are a thing of the past with printing costs being as low as they have ever been.

edmonton illuminated portable sign

Illuminated Mobile Signs Winnipeg

Our signs are specially designed for use on grass or hard surfaces so they can be pegged into the ground to prevent the signs from flipping over in the wind.

Portable Sign Winnipeg

Illuminated Sign    Illuminated Sign Winnipeg

Mobile Signs Winnipeg

Sign Guru mobile road signs are an effective and economical form of advertisement for small, medium and large businesses in and around the Winnipeg area.  Portable road signs are used in Winnipeg for outdoor advertising for both businesses and non profits to advertise sales and special events.  Mini billboards are mobile signs that have printed high quality graphics in roadside signs.  Changeable letter signs and neon letter boards are becoming a thing of the past with recent improvements in print technology combined with the decrease in cost of printers and ink.  To learn more about sign bylaws in Winnipeg visit their land use bylaw page for more information.

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Sign Guru Winnipeg

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Portable Signs Winnipeg

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