City of Lethbridge
Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Lethbridge Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Lethbridge Road Sign Bylaws

Portable Signs in Lethbridge

Portable Signmeans any sign or advertising device that can be transported from one site to another and includes licensed vehicles placed in a location for advertising purposes. Signage permanently attached to or forming part of a licensed vehicle used in the day-to-day conduct of a business where the signage advertises only that business does not constitute a portable sign. Portable signs may feature electronic or video display.

  • Valid permit required
    • Sign may be placed for 120 days at a time or no more than 180 days per year.
  • Third party advertising permitted in Commercial or Industrial District
  • Signs may be illuminated
  • Maximum number of signs per property
    • 78m or less frontage allows for 1 sign
    • 78m or more frontage allows for 2 signs
  • Minimum separation distance of 46m between signs

The above regulations are summarized for the reader’s convenience. The Bylaws are always subject to their interpretation of the regulations in favor of the City of Lethbridge. The City may change the signage bylaws at any time. Detailed information may be found on their website.

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