Mobile signs Vaughan offers a number of different sign rentals.  Our mobile road side signs start in size at 2×3 foot and go up to 5×10 foot for all you advertising needs.  A mobile sign is a very cost effective way to advertise your business/product and/or event. We offer weekly, monthly & yearly sign rentals that are customized to fit your needs as a business, organization, or non-profit.  Our rental periods range from a few hours to years depending on your advertising needs – we understand that every sign needs to different and with our digitally printed signs every design is a one-of-a-kind advert!

mobile signs vaughan    vaughan mobile signs

Portable Signs Vaughan

A portable sign can greatly increase your exposure for your business by displaying your product or service your location! We offer a large number of portable signs and we will work with you to design your custom sign.  It starts with you providing us with your verbiage and our in house graphic artists will take your wording and turn it into a professional advertisement that is sure to stand out.  A roadside sign is designed to help advertise to the cars and pedestrians that pass by your business every day.

portable signs vaughan    vaughan portable signs

Vaughan Sign Rentals

A sign rental is the most affordable way to use a mini billboard sign.  Sign Guru is a leader in the portable roadside sign industry and we have taken years to perfect our signage and printing process so that we can provide sign rentals are rate less expensive than doing it your self.  If you change your sign more than 1 every 3 months than it is cheaper to rent a sign than own one.  Factor in that we include graphic design which can cost up to $65-85 per hour and this can add up to more than the sign rental itself.  On average it take 2-4 hours to design a sign and we include all graphic design rates into our sign rental rates.

Vaughan Mini Billboards

Our mini billboards are the next generation of the portable sign.  With changeable letter signs and changeable message boards being replaced with high end printed graphic signs there is no better way to advertise than with a mobile sign.  They are affordable and cost effective and they are an attractive way to advertise while maintaining the overall look of your property.

We also are the first company to create a backlit portable sign that is designed to extend your advertising hours.  Your sign should not stop working when the sun goes down, and our sign is just getting started.  See our time laps video showing the sign work both in the day and at night.

Vaughan Mobile Signs

Sign Guru is a leader in the portable sign rental markets across Canada.  We are looking to expand into the Vaughan market and we are seeking to build a business relationship with a strong and self motivated entrepreneur. For more information call 780.340.7446.

Sign Guru is serving all of the following cities in Ontario: Vaughan | Richmond Hill | Bolton | Aurora | Scarborough | Etobicoke | Newmarket | Whitchurch-Stouffville | Brampton | Caledon East | Tottenham | Bradford | Pickering

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