Mobile sign Sarnia rents both mobile and portable signs to businesses and non-profits.  Mobile signs are the best way to promote your business through affordable and effective road side advertising.

Illuminated Portable Signs Sarnia

For just dollars a day you can advertise your sale or event 24 hours a day to passersby because portable signs are placed next to the road both pedestrians and drivers to see.

Sarnia Mobile Sign Rental   Mobile Signs Sarnia

Signage that is effective starts with an idea, we than take that idea and with the help of our in house graphic artists we produce high quality and stunning adverts that are sure to attract new customers.  Remember to keep it simple, we recommend no more than 10 words on your sign so it is readable at traffic speeds.  The more text you put on the sign makes all the text smaller so the right text needs to be chosen to convey you message in the least number of words.  Next, you need to advertise something people want.  If people are not interested in the product you are selling than no signage will help you attract new customers.

Portable Signs Sarnia

Portable signs have changes over the years for signs that had letters screwed to a piece of plywood or magnetic letters attached to a magnet signs face.  Changeable letter road side rental.


Large format printed has change the portable sign industry forever and for the good.  In the past portable signs were targeted by many municipalities as a form of signage they did not want.  With a printed sign we can change this perception as a printed sign is both aesthetically pleasing and is a great form of advertising that is in keeping with your brand standards.  Mini billboards for curbside roadside outdoor illuminated for businesses & non-profits in Sarnia outdoor advertising.

Sarnia Portable Sign    Mini Billboard Sarnia

Mini Billboards Sarnia

Changeable letter and marquee signs are fast being replaced with the next generation of road side sign for outdoor advertising known as a mini billboard.  Curbside advertising for businesses with the use of a printed graphic is the best way to advertise and help take advantage of the traffic that passes by your business everyday.

For more specific information regarding the placement of a mobile sign in Sarina or general sign rules and bylaws.

Sarnia Sign Rental

Backlit Portable Signs Sarnia    Sarnia Lighted Portable Signs

Sign Guru is expanding is looking to expand into the Sarnia market and therefore we are seeking a motivated entrepreneur to help grow our brand into the Sarnia Ontario market.

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