Sign Guru specializes in the mobile and portable sign rental markets in Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Lethbridge, Winnipeg, Calgary, St. John’s & Fort McMurray.

Mobile Signs

We offer portable and mobile signs in 4 different sizes depending on the market/city:

5×10 foot lighted sign – Our newest sign is our illuminated backlit mobile sign.

Illuminated Mobile Signs & Portable Signs

2×3 foot – This is the smallest sign we provide and is used exclusively in Calgary.

Small Portable Sign

4×4 foot – This is our medium sized sign used mainly in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Calgary.

Small Portable Signs

4×8 foot – This is our 2nd largest sign that is used in locations where there is not quite enough from for our 5×10 and in cities with restrictions on the size of portable and mobile signs.  Used in Edmonton and Calgary.

Large Portable Sign

5×10 foot – This is our largest sign and is used in all our current markets of St. John’s, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park and Fort McMurray.

Portable Road Signs

Portable Signs