City of Brandon
Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Brandon Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Brandon Road Sign Bylaws

Mobile Signs in Brandon

Mobile Signmeans a sign designed to be easily relocated, usually has a metal support structure, has a sign face with fixed and/or movable letters, words, numerals or symbols and/or fixed or replaceable sign faces, indicating names of persons, places, or things, or events conducted upon or through the premises of the sign or identifies products or services. Mobile signs may appear to be temporary billboards

  • Valid permit required
  • are only permitted in the “C” Commercial (except the “CR” Commercial Restricted Zone), “I” Industrial, and “EI” Educational and Institutional Zones identified in the City of Brandon Zoning ByLaw
  • no mobile sign shall be located within:
    • 3.0 metres of any driveway;
    • 3.0 metres of any intersection;
    • 3.0 metres of any fire hydrant; and
    • 4.0 metres of a street curb;
  • shall be no closer than 25.0 metres from another mobile sign
  • a maximum of one (1) mobile sign may be erected per premise. Where a premises has multiple businesses, no more than two (2) mobile signs may be erected on the premises
  • a mobile sign may be erected on a premises for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days. A premises may have no more than three (3) permits for each calendar year for a mobile sign;

The above regulations are summarized for the reader’s convenience. The Bylaws are always subject to their interpretation of the regulations in favor of the City of Brandon. The City may change the signage bylaws at any time. Detailed information may be found on their website.

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