Mobile Signs

Mobile Signs are Signs use for advertising

The most effective and innovative way to advertise any product of service

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Why Choose a Mobile Sign with Sign Guru?

Mobile Sign Rental

Mobile signs are effective in today’s fast moving world, as advertisers have just seconds to capture and reach a passerby!

Full colour outdoor mobile advertising signs reach people as they are going about their day. Sign Guru places extremely eye catching messages, designed to capture the attention of consumers driving past, drawing them into your business.

This advertising signage allows companies to attain a very wide audience of all demographics. As an inexpensive way to attract new customers and keep the viewer interested, mobile signs will at the same time reinforces any existing advertising branding campaign.

When street advertising: It is important to note that signage at eye level is a better way to advertise as it sits directly in the sight line of potential customers.  Mobile signs generate much better results and leave impressions on those seeing the signage at the street-level.

Mobile Signs

Branding: Mobile signs are a great way of promote your brand working to complement existing marketing campaigns. The most important part of a mobile billboard it that these signs reach audiences that other traditional broadcast and print media miss and do it at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile Mini Billboards

Mobile signs come in 3 different sizes subject to the market we serve.  Our 2x3ft sign is used exclusively in Calgary.  Out next size up is 4x4ft and is used mainly in Edmonton and Calgary.  The 4x8ft sign is used in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary and our 5x10ft sign is used in all markets that we currently serve.

Passersby are attracted to good quality signage and that signage will attract people into your business.

This type of mobile sign can be rented long or short term.