Mini Billboards

Mini Billboards

Mini billboards are just that… a smaller version of the traditional billboard.  A billboard is a classic form of advertising that uses a digitally printed image to help clients advertise.

Mini Billboard Sign Rental

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A mini billboard is the standard-size roadside sign that delivers great exposure to passersby on roads, highways and service street. Typically 5×10 feet in size, a mini billboard provides 50 square feet of advertising space for your advertisement. Mini billboards provide unparalleled visibility and affordability when compared to a traditional billboard.\

Portable Billboards

  • Mini billboard advertising signs can be placed on highways, streets and primary arteries roads
  • Visible to pedestrians, drivers and their passengers, daily commuters and passersby
  • Attract more customers using a printed high quality ad that is visible from the side of the road

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Mini billboards bring your advertisement to a local audience and has a tremendous impact on your potential customers where they drive, live, work and play everyday. When you’re offering a new product or service, offering a sale or even hiring new staff and you are trying to get a message out on the street in the least amount of time, than mini billboards are the best way to go.

Mobile Billboards

  • Small and compact advertising signs
  • Can be located on road way where space allows to placement of a 5×10 foot sign
  • Seen by car traffic and pedestrians in any commercial and industrial areas
  • Designed to be highly affordable and effective form of advertising with the greatest return on investment
  • Mini billboards provides as much as 4 times more impressions per dollar than radio, 7 times more than television and 10 times more than newspaper advertising

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Mini Billboard Signs

A mini billboard rentals can be used in urban neighborhoods and on smaller roads due to their size and versatility, mini billboards help bring your message to targeted local viewers. These signs provide exposure where larger billboards are wither not allowed or there simply is not space for their placement.  Mini billboards are used to target the local traffic that passes by your business each and every day. A mini billboard is used to advertise a business on roads and streets.

Mini billboards

  • Well positioned just above eye level, so the signs are easily readable from the road or sidewalk
  • We carry free-standing signs or mounted on the sides of buildings or can be attached to s pylon sign
  • Often used close to retail businesses where they can stimulate sales and attract more customers

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Sign Guru offers the first mini billboard that is illuminated internally using 110v power or our state-of-the-art solar system to help extend your adverting into the night after the sun falls but your clients are still driving around.  Illuminated mini billboards are the next generation of the roadside sign.

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