Stony Plain

Portable Signs Stony Plain

Portable signs Stony Plain are used to promote businesses and events in the county of Parkland.  Sign Guru is a leader in the mobile road sign rental market with our regular, non illuminated sign and our new illuminated sign that is designed to extend your advertising hours past sunset.

Mobile Sign Rental Stony Plain

Portable signs have been used for decades and they started out as lawn signs with letters that slid in on a track system allowing the message to be updated when needed.  The mobile marquee letter board sign then saw a significant improvement when digital print was used in place of block letters.  Digital print changed the perception of the traditional mobile sign to a mainstream product that would apply to all companies, both big and small.  Printed graphic mini billboards have pretty much replaced letter signs because this type of signage allows the advertiser to use any font, any colour and incorporate their logo and branding into this type of signage.  Add in the fact that you have reduced vandalism with less misspelled signage with inappropriate messages.

Stony Plain Mobile Signs    Stony Plain Portable Signs

Stony Plain Mobile Signs

Mobile signs Stony Plain have taken one more giant step forward with our new lighted portable road sign.  We have taken the best of the portable sign and married it with LEDs to create the next generation of roadside advertising.

Illuminated Portable Signs Stony Plain    Mobile Signs Stony Plain

See how our sign stands out against a traditional sign that stops working after the sun sets and our sign is just getting going.  We can either plug the sign in so it runs 24/7 or using our solar and battery system to run for a total of 7 hours of darkness that can be split between to periods after sunset and before sunrise.

Portable Signs Stony Plain

For the best possible road sign advertising at affordable rates call Sign Guru today.  Contact one of our local area representatives for more information.