St. Albert Portable Signs

St. Albert Portable Signs

Portable signs St. Albert are used local business to advertise products and services through events and specials.  Mobile marquee signs are signs that used to use block letters on some sort of track system and these signs used to sit on trailers.

St. Albert Portable Sign Rental

Today a portable sign is has progress into a high quality, full colour digitally printed sign that is both eye appealing and limitless in design.  Our portable signs are designed to both be functional for the advertiser and fit into the general overall appearance of the community.

Mobile Sign St. Albert

Old style changeable letter signs and magnetic neon letters are fast becoming a thing of the past and being replaced by high quality and professional looking printed mini billboards.

St. Albert Portable Signs   Mobile Signs St. Albert

Mobile Signs St. Albert

Mobile signs are allowed in St. Albert under their very discriminatory Land Use Bylaw.  Portable and mobile outdoor signs are the only non-permanent signs that require permits.  All other signs like a-frames, sandwich boards, banners, real estate, promotional, construction, developer marking and election signs.  All of these signs are very similar to portable signs and serve the same function of advertising a product, service or building that is for lease and yet none of them require permits.

Sign Guru is now renting a sign that does not require a city permit in St. Albert as defined under the LUB known as a promotional advertising sign.  This sign is 2.5sqm (27 sqft or 6.6ft x 4ft) in surface area and can be placed on a site very 30 meters to a maximum of 6 signs.

St. Albert Mobile Sign

We offer a number of different sizes of signs starting at 3x2ft, 4x4ft, 8x4ft and 10x5ft signs depending on the requirements of our clients and the amount of space available to place the sign.  Our 10x5ft sign comes in non-illuminated and illuminated.  Our new lighted mobile sign is a state-of-the-art sign that is internally lit to help extend the period of time you can advertise and therefore attract new customers.

St. Albert Portable Signs

Portable Signs St. Albert

Illuminated Portable Signs St. Albert

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