Portable Signs

Portable Signs

Portable signs are an affordable and effective way to advertise your business, school, sporting or community event.  For as little as $7 per day there no better way to advertise.

Portable Signs for Rent

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Bus benches in Edmonton are priced at $10/day or $300/month with Pattison and that does not include graphic design and production cost.  Add in the fact that bus benches are 2ft x 6ft for a total size of 12 sqft.  A portable sign is 50 sqft and therefore 4 times larger than a bus bench and a great way to advertise and get the best return for your dollar.

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Sign Guru includes graphic design in our pricing to add even more value to our product.  Our in-house design team take our ideas from concept to reality in as little as 24 hours.  We take your wording and ideas and then we do the rest with modern and up-to-date designs that will help you attract new customers.

Portable Sign Rental

The difference between a good and a great portable sign is content and design.  Rule number 1 is to keep it simple and less is always more as we recommend no more than 10 words combined with 1 photo that conveys and ties in the overall theme of the wording.  The importance of limiting you message can not be over stated as this will allow for the wording to be large enough to be read at traffic speeds.

Below are some designs we did for the Tea Place in Edmonton.

Portable Design 1  Portable Design 2  Portable Design 3  mobile sign artwork

Sign Guru’s number 1 goal is to do everything we can to make sure your signage is affordable and effective.

Portable Signs in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, St. John’s, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina, Lloydminster and Winnipeg.