Spruce Grove Portable Signs

Spruce Grove Portable Signs

Spruce Grove portable signs is a full service mobile and temporary sign rental company.  A portable sign is the most affordable and effective form of advertising on the market today.  Sign Guru is a leader in the roadside sign industry and our signs are made using the best quality materials and we used the latest print technology to produce a magazine quality large format print that is sure to standout against any sign on the market today.

Spruce Grove Portable Signs    Portable Signs Spruce Grove

Mobile Signs Spruce Grove

A temporary mini billboard sign is used to advertise both on a short and long term basis.  Our signs come in a number of sizes starting at 2x3ft up to 5x10ft.  We offer professional in house graphic design that is included in our rental rates, which start at about $3/day depending on the size of the sign.

Spruce Grove Mobile Signs    Mobile Signs Spruce Grove

Mobile signs Spruce Grove is the leader in providing portable signs, sign design and installation/removal solutions to all kinds of businesses and organizations across large and small industries. Our portable signs are used for real estate, insurance, tradeshows, fairs, festivals, concerts, events, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail, education, manufacturing, non-profit and many others.  Our experience in handling diverse needs has advanced us to our current position as the leading sign provider in capital region of Alberta.

It should be noted that Spruce Grove is one of the most unfriendly places to do business in Alberta and has discriminatory bylaws and extreme penalties for violating their bylaws that circumvent the Canadian Corporate Charter.  For example if you place a portable sign without a permit you are at risk of getting a $500/day ticket, show me how this type of punitive rate of fines is applied to any public/general citizen bylaw, like not having a pet license, and I will eat my hat.  If this isn’t discrimination than I do not know what is.

Sign Guru has what it takes to produce just about any type of street signage and our design services are second to none. add in the fact that our staff are passionate about their craft, trade and work hard to safely and effectively execute projects with attention to detail and precision quality. Trust in Sign Guru to produce your next mobile road sign.

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