Illuminated Signs Edmonton


Illuminated mobile signs Edmonton has the first 5×10 foot mobile sign that is internally lighted with a full colour printed graphic.  Edmonton is a great place for this type of signage, especially in the winter months, as the days get shorter and shorter as we head towards December 22 which is the shortest day of the year.  Our signage combines the best of both worlds, a high quality image that is now seen for up to 24 hours a day.

Light Up Mobile Signs Edmonton

Illuminated Mobile Signs Edmonton    Edmonton Illuminated Mobile Signs

Illuminated Mobile Signs    Illuminated Signs Edmonton

Edmonton Illuminated Mobile Signs

Our illuminated mobile sign rentals has the option of being plugged in and running 24 hours a day and because we are using LED lights to light the sign we are only using 24 watts of power.  This allows the sign to be highly economical to run for something of this size and that is double sided.

If power is not close by we can use our solar panel system to run the sign.  The solar system is designed to run for a total of 7 hours of darkness.  Our smart technology allows the system to learn every day when the sun sets and rises and then the lights turn on at sunset and runs for 5 hours, turns off, and turns back on again 2 hours before sun rise.  This allows the advertise to use our roadside mobile sign to increase the hours of advertising and advertise to rush hour traffic and take full advantage of the cars and people going past that business after the sun has set.

Mobile Signs Edmonton

If you are looking to attract new customers with a product that reflects what the service you provide and you want to do it with the best possible mobile sign on the market today then call use today to learn more about our state-of-the-art road side for the Edmonton sign rental market.

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