Mobile signs Oshawa is a full service portable sign rental company.  We offer design, printing, delivery, setup/takedown and applying for city permits.  Roadside advertising is more than just signs with letters they are now printed mini billboards that offer endless design possibilities.

Mobile Signs Oshawa

Road signs have never looked better than they do today as changeable letter signs and magnet signs are often made using neon letters that are screwed on to as sheet of plywood.  These type of signs are also prone to the letters been switched around to spell inappropriate things.

Oshawa Mobile Signs    Mobile Signs Oshawa

Portable Signs Oshawa

Portable signs in Oshawa are provided by Sign Guru, an industry leading sign rental company.  There is no better way to advertise then using a portable sign.  In todays advertising market prices for ad space in newspapers, radio, television or Google Pay-Per-Click has never been higher.  One thing that has remained consistent is the traffic that drives past your business and for just dollars a day you can advertising to that traffic 24 hours a day.  Message boards street side ads for business sales & promotions. Oshawa sign rentals.

Oshawa Portable Sign    Portable Signs Oshawa

Mini Billboard Signs Oshawa

Our next generation of mini billboards are illuminated, backlit and light up at night mobile sign.  Sign Guru is the first company to produce a 5×10 foot printed graphic mini billboard that lights up.  Now you can truly advertise 24 hours a day with our sign if you have 110v power close by our up to 7 hours per day using our state-of-the-art solar system that runs for 5 hours after sunset and 2 hour prior to sun up to capture rush hour traffic.  The two pictures above show what the sign looks like during the day.  Check out illuminated sign page for more info on this type of signage. Roadside advertising signage businesses for road side changeable letter signs and magnet signs.

Mobile Signs Oshawa

We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs that want to grow a business in the mini billboard sign industry.  In additional Sign Guru provides an array of other sign products including banners, windows graphics, sandwich board signs and graphic design.

Backlit Portable Signs Oshawa    Lighted Portable Signs Oshawa

Sign Rental Oshawa

If you are interested in working with Sign Guru in Oshawa please call 780.340.7446 (SIGN)

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