Town of Grand Falls-Windsor
Bylaws for Portable Signs

Town of Grand Falls-Windsor Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Grand Falls-Windsor Road Sign Bylaws

Portable Signs in Grand Falls-Windsor

Portable Signmeans an illuminated or non-illuminated sign which is movable from one location to another and which is not attached to a fixed structure or does not have supports embedded in the ground.

  • A valid permit with land owner permission is required. Permits are issued in 6 month intervals.
  • The sign shall be set back a minimum distance of 1.5 m from a lot line and at no time shall be permitted to encroach on town property.
  • No sign will be permitted to be erected in the public right-of-way or within fifteen (15) meters of another portable/temporary sign.
  • Not more than one (1) sign shall be permitted on any one commercial lot. In the case of corner lots, one sign facing each street may be permitted. Signs shall not be located with the sight triangle.

The above regulations are summarized for the reader’s convenience. The Bylaws are always subject to their interpretation of the regulations in favor of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor. The Town may change the signage bylaws at any time. Detailed information may be found on their website.

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