Town of Burin
Bylaws for Portable Signs

Town of Burin Bylaws for Portable Signs

City of Burin Road Sign Bylaws

Mobile Signs in Burin

Mobile Sign” means a sign intended for temporary use which is not permanently affixed to a structure or to the ground and includes a frame designed to advertise a product or service or relay a message or illustration regardless of whether such advertising, message, or illustration is actually displayed.

  • no advertisement shall be erected or displayed in the Planning Area unless a permit for the advertisement is first obtained from the Authority.
  • Offsite Promotional Signs falling within the designated control lines of any highway must be referred to an approved, or exempted by, the Government Services Office serving the area.

The above regulations are summarized for the reader’s convenience. The Bylaws are always subject to their interpretation of the regulations in favor of the Town of Burin. The City may change the signage bylaws at any time. Detailed information may be found on their website.

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