Changeable Letter Boards


Changeable letter boards are signs that are fast becoming obsolete as a form of road side advertising.  Letter boards are old technology that are limited to 3-4 letter sizes, colours and generally one font.  With the change in print technology over the last 10 years has reduced the price of printing in the point that a portable sign has turned into a printed mini billboard.

Changeable letter boards

Changeable Letter Boards     Changeable Letter Signs

Changeable Letter Signs

A changeable letter sign is a sign that often sits at the side of the road and in front of a business to advertise short term sales and promotions.  A letter sign does not use graphics and images to sell the items you are trying to promote.   A full colour printed road sign allows the best of both worlds.  It uses high quality print combined with related imagery that together help promote your products and services to the next level.  Add in the fact that this allows you to create consistent marketing martials that have consistent colours and also use your logo.  These are things that a changeable letter sign can never do.

Letter Boards

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