Edmonton Portable Sign Rentals


Edmonton portable sign rentals provides a number of sign sizes for the Edmonton sign rental market.  Sign Guru produces the highest quality signage in town for the best possible rates.  Advertising is about attracting new customers to your business and there is not better nor more affordable way to do so than with a portable sign.  We take your advertising idea and our in house design team turn the wording into eye catching adverts that are sure to draw new clients to your business.  We then print your approved artwork using the latest printed technology to produce the highest quality image in the industry.

Edmonton Portable Sign Rentals    Edmonton Portable Sign Rental

Edmonton Portable Sign Rental

The outdoor portable sign industry has seen a lot of changes over the last few years from signs with letters to printed full colour signs using unlimited design possibilities using both unlimited colours and fonts.  Tie all this together with an image that represents the theme of the wording and you have a great ad that is sure to attract new clients.  Always remember to keep it simple as we recommend no more than 10 words on the sign with 1 image so that the text and image are readable form 50-100 feet away and the message can be read at traffic speeds.

Edmonton Sign Rentals

Sign Guru has taken Edmonton portable sign rentals in a new direction with a sign that is internally illuminated, thus increasing the effectiveness of your advertising with a sign that works up to 24 hours a day.  Our new sign uses the latest in printable media that looks amazing during the day and even better at night.  The power of this sign is shown in the video above as our sign kicks into high gear as the sun falls and a competitors sign fades into the darkness the back-lit portable sign is just getting started.

Edmonton portable sign rentals

Portable Sign Rental Edmonton

Illuminated portable sign rental Edmonton

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