Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton rents a number of different sizes of letter board signs.  Letters signs have changed a lot over the last number of years.  These signs used to have letters screwed to a piece of painted plywood that used 1 font style, 1 font size and 3-4 colours of letters.  These signs are extremely limited, plain looking and are often prone to people moving the letters around to spell in appropriate things.  These signs are used for advertising sales and promotions by small and large business in the Edmonton area.

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton    Edmonton Changeable Letter Signs

Edmonton Changeable Letter Signs

Changeable letter signs are now being replaced with high-end digitally printed billboards that are no longer limited to 1 font, 1 font size and a few colours.  Today, these signs are fast becoming dinosaurs of the roadside sign industry.   If you are looking to advertise your products and services with the best quality signs on the market then Sign Guru is here to help.  Our signs are printed using the latest print technology and our magazine quality image is mount to the best rigid substrate available today allowing us to showcase your products and services at the best overall quality in the market today.

Changeable Letter Signs

Sign Guru has taken the changeable letter sign into the 21st century by creating the first back-lit mobile sign that lights up at night to extend your advertising well past dark.  Our signs can be plugged in or run using our smart solar charging system.

Changeable Letter Signs Edmonton

Check our the video below shown there difference between a old style letter sign and our new illuminated changeable sign.

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