Portable Outdoor Lighted Signs


Portable outdoor lighted signs are the next generation of the portable roadside sign.  The traditional portable sign started over 30 years ago and was a track letter sign with interchangeable letters.  This sign remained unchanged for almost 20 years until people started adding cartoon characters and magnetic letters on a steel surface came along.

outdoor lighted portable signs    portable outdoor lighted signs

Both of the sign types lacked professionalism and the ability to help clients brand themselves individually as all these signs looked virtually identical and simply blended into the background.  Approximately 10 years ago the industry to a giant leap forward with the movement to a printed mini billboard for advertising.  This allows for the best of all worlds with unlimited colour combinations and the use of high quality images that truly reflect the products and services your company provides.

Portable outdoor lighted signs

Outdoor Lighted Portable Signs

The next step in the evolution of the portable sign is the light up the sign and Sign Guru is the first company to produce a 5x10ft portable sign that is internally illuminated.  When you factor in the power of a printed sign with the illumination of the sign you create a sign that will standout and work for you up to 24 hours a day.  We have the option of either plugging in the sign via a 110v power source and the sign can run around the clock or the sign can run on our independent and self contained solar power system that can run for 7 hours of darkness (5 hours after sun set and 2 hours before sunrise).

Lighted Portable Signs    Lighted Portable Sign

Lighted Portable Signs

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